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Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

Psychic Healing Training Program

 I am eternally grateful to Saeasha for her loving guidance, teaching, direction, and powerful assistance to me on my spiritual journey.


Awaken, explore,
and strenghten
your spiritual gifts.

Enjoy SIX WEEKS of:

energy healing - ritual - inner child work - shadow work - plant magic - mediumship - astral projection - lucid dreaming - telepathy - psychic abilities - earth magic - empath self-care and boundary work - ancestral healing - spirit guides and ancestors - angelic realms - crystal healing - reiki - animal magic and communication - shamanism - and more


This program is specifically created for the intuitive who...

Feels the call to explore their magical side in a new, profound, and more integrated way

Gets excited by new ideas, spiritual exploration, and their own intuitive experiences

Is committed to self-exploration and their personal healing

Is itching to step into a more empowered, creative, badass, passionate, inspired version of themselves

Is longing to connect more deeply to the support, love, wisdom, and abundance of the Universe

Is ready, at long last, to answer the call.

What's Included:

Weekly Zoom Calls

We will have a 90 minute session once a week for intensive 1-on-1 work.

This will allow us to revisit your goals and practices, implement new techniques, learn about new topics, and check-in on any challenges, insights, or new experiences.

Weekly mini-readings

Whatever you're moving through, I will do a weekly channeling of your guides and angels to support you, guide you, assist you, and answer your questions.

Reiki Sessions

This program includes three hour-long distance reiki sessions to help balance your energy field, clear any unwanted clutter, and help you align with your highest timeline.

Reiki Level 1 Training

Energy healing and learning to heal oneself is a building block of any spiritual work.  Your 6-week-intensive with me includes training and anointment for Reiki Level 1.

Voice Messaging Support

Have a question?  Facing a tough emotional challenge?  Reach out to me via voice messaging app and allow me to support and encourage you.  You have unlimited voice messaging support throughout this program.

Material designed around YOU

Within the structure of this program is the flexibility for us to focus on your specific gifts, your current challenges, and whichever aspects of spirituality interest and inspired you most.

In this training program, allow me to be your guide, accountability partner, personal advocate, and biggest cheerleader.

It is my intention to assist your healing process on all levels, activate your most sacred spiritual gifts, provide you with practices and tools that will benefit you throughout your life, connect you with the spirit realms, help you release any blockages that stand in your way, and hold your hand through the healing process.

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Your Investment:



(savings of $400)



(billed each two weeks)

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