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Healing Stones

 What can I expect from a recorded reading? 

After signing up for a recorded reading, you can expect an .mp3 file to be delivered to your email within 5 days of your appointment date.  I will provide a general reading unless you requested focus on a particular topic, question, or area of your life.

 What can I expect from a live reading? 

After signing up for a live reading, you will receive an email with a Zoom link for your appointed day and time.

I will begin our session by asking you if there's anything you would like me to focus on during our time together, or if you would like a general reading.  Please feel free to ask any questions that arise during our session.  I will use cards, my intuition, and my channeling abilities to get insight, clarity, and guidance straight from your spirit team.

I highly recommend taking notes on your reading so you can keep all the encouragements and insights fresh in your mind and heart.

 What can I expect from a breakthrough session? 

After scheduling your breakthrough session, you will receive a zoom link for a call at your selected day/time.
When your session starts, I will guide you through a few deep breaths to open up your field.  Then, you just sit back and relax while I check into your auric field, chakra system, astral body, and more.  I will tell you throughout the session what I am checking and talk you through the rebalancing of any blockages or energy that doesn't belong.
This may or may not include past life debris, buried emotions, energy from others, subconscious fears, and more.
The intention for this session is to bring you "back to life"- to encourage the proper flow of energy and release whatever is standing in your way so you may move forward with ease.

 How does distance energy healing work? 

Everything is energy and spirit, and neither are bound by space or time.  Because there are no limitations of space, I can send healing energy anywhere through the world at any place and time. 
As everything in our world is interconnected, energy can even be transmitted across time- to the future or to the past.
According to physics, this is called quantum entanglement.  In energy healing, it's called "remote energy healing."
Remote healing is incredibly powerful!

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