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Energetic hygiene is key, whether it be your own energetic field, or your living space. 

I offer cleansing services to help bring more peace, happiness, health, and prosperity to your life.

-If you’ve been feeling heavy, depressed, or bogged down by negativity...

-If you've been experiencing "bad vibes" or "cold spots" in your home...

-If you've experienced paranormal activity, sleep paralysis, or unexplainable phenomenon...

-If you've just moved into a new space or want a fresh start in your home...

This is for you.

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Aura Cleanse

-distance session only

During this distance session, I will identify and remove any blockages, debris, spiritual "hitchhikers", and general "bad vibes" from your auric field.  I will share my findings with you once the cleanse is complete.  If you feel you have a darkness with you that you can't seem to shake, or if you've been moving through some tough times and are ready for a fresh start, this one is perfect for you.


(consultation/report sent via email)


House Cleanse

-within 30 mi. and by application only

In this session, I use sage, reiki, prayer, and my intuitive gifts to fully cleanse your home of all negative energy, entities, and/or visiting spirits!  Once the space is cleansed, I bless each room, refilling the space with healing, peaceful energy.  I end the process with a brief consultation so that I may answer any questions or provide insight on what may have been affecting the space.


(4 bdrms or less- for larger homes or places of business, contact for price)

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