Frozen Branch

Welcome, seekers.

I honor the light and magic within you as you embark on your own mystical, spiritual journey.  May you be held in love as you free yourself from the noise of this world and remember who you are.  May you be fully supported as you step into your highest purpose and expression.  May all things you do in love be blessed and returned to you. May you experience complete healing in mind, body, and spirit.  May you live a life of wonder, joy, peace, and magic.

And once you have rediscovered yourself, may you never forget who you are again.

Welcome to the Great Awakening.  We are experiencing a shift on this planet like we have never seen before, and you are here to be a part of it.  In fact, you are here to assist all of humanity in moving toward a more healthy, conscious, and loving way of living and being.  This may sound like a huge task, but it transpires quite simply.

It all begins with you.  As you heal, as you cultivate self-love, as you live consciously, breaking free of old patterns, habits, and ways of thinking, you impact the energy of our collective experience.  As you yourself heal, you heal your family, your ancestors, your friends, your neighbors, your community, and ultimately, your world.



     I am an interdimensional guide, a healer, and a shaman.  I have been an intuitive healer and a medium since childhood, but my spiritual awakening took true form in 2014-2016, when I went through a major life change and trained to become a certified yoga instructor, a meditation teacher, and a reiki practitioner. I became a reiki master in 2017, and stepped into shamanic training, mediumship, crystal healing, psychic work, and space clearing.  I combined practices gained from these traditional trainings with the skills I obtained through the self-education of my own seeking, as I worked through my own lengthy healing journey from chronic illnesses. As a result of this intensive work and my training in the intuitive arts, I developed in a unique healing approach that focuses on bringing the mind-body-spirit connection back into balance, and aligning my clients with their purpose, their highest timeline, and their greatest desires.

M e d i t a t i o n

Meditation is essential.  Whether you practice meditation on your own, with a teacher, or with me, I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to maintain a regular practice.  We are bombarded regularly with noise, distractions, and chaos; and then we wonder why we overthink, or why we feel anxious, unwell, overwhelmed, self-doubtful, and directionless.


Meditation has powerful effects on the brain, resulting in lowered stress levels, reduced inflammatory responses in the body, reduced anxiety, faster recovery from external stressors, an overall sense of well being, and a release of healing chemicals that promote longevity and cell regeneration.  During meditation, the metabolic and heart rate are lowered, reducing the work load of the heart.  Cortisol, cholesterol, lactate levels, and free radicals are also reduced.  It even reduces symptoms of depression and pain.


Our thoughts are intensely powerful.  Our energy funnels into the spaces we put our attention, and we manifest accordingly.  Ideally, we would all focus on what we WANT to manifest rather than worrying, obsessing over the past, or distracting ourselves with things that do not serve us.  Meditation teaches us how to quiet and direct the mind, not only by improving concentration and focus (even after just a few sessions), but it actually strengthens and increases volume in key areas of the brain. 

The mastery of the mind ultimately imbues us with the ability to heal and to consciously and intentionally create our reality.

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E n e r g y   H e a l i n g


We are perpetually conditioned to trust "matter" and what we can see with our physical senses, forgetting that all of matter is made up of living, moving, energy.  This is basic quantum physics.  What we perceive as a solid object is only the illusion of a solid object. 

Science has proven that matter is over 99% "empty space."​  This means every cell of your body is less than 1% actual "matter" (nucleus, ribosomes, cell membrane, etc), and over 99% energy.  So, focusing on only the physical manifestation of how the energy within your body is moving is a severely limited way of understanding the human body, health, and disease.


Our bodies have an innate wisdom and ability to self-heal.  When we experience illness, it is a sign that there is an energetic (and oftentimes emotional) imbalance.  Although traditional medicine has value, it focuses only on treating or relieving symptoms of the physical manifestation of the illness and not the root cause.


Reiki healing, which is a Japanese method of energy healing, opened me up to a deeper understanding of energy and how it flows within the body.  Though reiki is a profoundly healing way to experience healing energy, there are many blockages and imbalances that require personal awareness and release.

This is where my intuitive practices come in.  When I am channeling energy into someone's field, I am able to see where there may be some deep imbalances that require an emotional release or a shift in consciousness. 

When I find any areas of the field that require deeper attention, I provide my clients with a consultation in which I give detailed guidance on how to lovingly and profoundly bring balance back to the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

By approaching the healing process in this way, I address all levels of the energetic body.  I am able to clear and heal what is ready to be cleared and healed, walk my clients through the process of shifting their consciousness and releasing old patterns, fill the body with healing, uplifting energy, and also provide helpful insights on my client's healing journey and next steps.

A w a k e n i n g

A s s i s t a n c e


Every human on this planet possesses psychic and healing abilities to some extent.  We have access to these gifts naturally- energy healing, telepathy, clairsentience, etc.  Some experience different gifts more strongly than others.

So why aren't there more psychics?

Honing one's spiritual abilities requires regular practice, presence, focus, and clarity.  It also requires regular maintenance of one's own energy field and healing process.

This level of conscious living is not only unpopular, but it is discouraged by our culture of constant distraction, unhealthy habits, materialism, and focus on the external.

If you are looking to deepen your connection to your intuition, strengthen your psychic gifts, or have a hand to hold as you walk through your spiritual journey, I am here for you.


If you are experiencing things you cannot explain, having vivid or foretelling dreams, waking up to your psychic abilities, realizing your previous understanding of the world is illusory, beginning to lose interest in shallow or unhealthy patterns and habits, losing your ability to tolerate anything artificial (from "fake food" to "fake friends"), and/or feeling a sudden interest in spirituality and self-development, you may be undergoing a profound spiritual awakening.  If this is true for you, welcome home.

I would be happy to assist you in your journey.

Crystal Ball