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Dark Rocks
Dark Rocks

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Frozen Branch

Welcome, seekers.

I honor the light and magic within you as you embark on your own mystical, spiritual journey.  May you be held in love as you free yourself from the noise of this world and remember who you are.  May you be fully supported as you step into your highest purpose and expression.  May all things you do in love be blessed and returned to you. May you experience complete healing in mind, body, and spirit.  May you live a life of wonder, joy, peace, and magic.

And once you have rediscovered yourself, may you never again forget who you are.


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     I am an interdimensional guide, a healer, an animal communicator, and a shaman.  I have been an intuitive healer and a medium since childhood, but my spiritual awakening took true form in 2014-2016, when I went through a major life change and trained to become a certified yoga instructor, a meditation teacher, and a reiki practitioner. I became a reiki master in 2017, and stepped into shamanic training, mediumship, crystal healing, psychic work, animal healing, and space clearing.  I combined practices gained from these traditional trainings with the skills I obtained through my own research, practice, and exploration, as I worked through my own lengthy healing journey from trauma and chronic illnesses. As a result of this intensive work and my training in the intuitive arts, my intuitive abilities heightened, and I developed a passion for helping others heal, thrive, and tap into their own innate intuitive abilities.

Wherever you are in your spiritual process, I would love to support you, guide you, and cheer you on.


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