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Dark Rocks

Your breakthrough awaits.


Welcome, seekers.

You are a beloved child of the Universe, incarnated into human form at this time and place for a beautiful purpose.


If you’re here, you are likely seeking insight, support, or assistance in getting to the next stage of your life and healing journey.


Whether you book a reading, energy work, or 1-on-1 training, allow me to be your guide in releasing what has been holding you back, bring light to any issues asking for resolution,  help you step into your power and truest spiritual gifts, and remind you of the powerful, magical being you truly are.

I invite you to release doubt and limitations and open to the truth that you are so much bigger than anything you have ever experienced, healing is available to you in innumerable ways, and the world is so much more magical that you have ever been told.

You are so deeply loved.



My Readings

Rather than focusing on what will happen in your future, my readings focus on your life and your decisions in the NOW, and how that can lead to the life that you desire.  I use my natural channeling and intuitive abilities as well as oracle or tarot cards to give you guidance in how to approach your current challenges and to give you insight into what you may not be seeing.


Breakthrough Sessions

If you’re looking for immediate help, this session is for you.  In a breakthrough session, I will do distance energy healing and help you to get your energy back into balance and check your energy field on all levels.  This includes a chakra balancing, an aura cleanse, and a clearing of any past life debris that may be clogging up your field.  

 This session is done live over Zoom.


1-on-1 Lightwork Training

This is my 6-week program for lightwork initiation. This program is designed to jumpstart the next phase of your spiritual journey, to introduce you to a toolbox full of healing modalities, and to connect you to your gifts.

I will serve as your guide, your accountability partner, your mentor, and your biggest cheerleader.


Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 5.58.36 PM.png

     I am an interdimensional guide, a healer, a shaman, a medical intuitive, an animal communicator, a psychic medium, and a channeler.  I have been an intuitive healer and a medium since childhood, but my spiritual awakening took true form in 2014-2016, when I went through a major life change and trained to become a certified yoga instructor, a meditation teacher, and a reiki practitioner. I became a reiki master in 2017, and stepped into shamanic training, mediumship, crystal healing, psychic work, animal healing, and space clearing.  I combined practices gained from these traditional trainings with the skills I obtained through my own research, practice, and exploration to create a system all my own to help you get to the next level of your healing, spiritual development, and your inherent purpose on this planet.

     I have dedicated my life to spirituality, healing, and teaching others how to become the powerhouses of light that we were born to be.  I am consistently learning, improving my skills, and upgrading my abilities.  Because of my dedication to my craft, I have developed skills to quickly and easily access the Akashic records (past lifetimes, karmic ties, soul contracts, etc.), open communication with the spirit realms, and swiftly identify any imbalances or blockages that are affecting your life.

     As an empath who had to figure out how to navigate abilities I didn't understand, protect myself, and heal from traumatic events with very little support and very few guides- I now strive to be your spiritual bestie, the biggest advocate for your dreams, and the kind of guide I always longed to have.

     Thank you for being here, and thank you for trusting me with your energy.


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